Become a Developer!

Prepare to revolutionize and disrupt the way the world works.


Be a Developer with Packetworx!

  • Be equipped with easy-to-use tools
  • Have access to the IoT Technology Hub 24/7
  • Meet other innovators and share ideas
  • Collaborate with friends for IoT creations
  • Meet and consult with IoT experts
  • Experience everything for FREE!

An Avenue for Exploration

Learn more about the basics of IoT and develop your own products.

In Packetworx’s IoT Technology Hub, fellow enthusiasts may tinker and play around with the tools provided to create their very own projects. Complete with the set of networks and devices, this facility is designed to stimulate curious minds and create new possibilities.

Explore with us!

How Can I be a Developer?

With Packetworx, being a developer is now easy. Explore with the IoT devices, learn from fellow creators, build mini projects, and have your creations displayed to inspire other innovators in our IoT Technology Hub. Everything is now within your reach and is completely free of charge!

Explore with Our Devices!

  • The expansion of features and range of applications is very achievable.
  • There’s easy integration during development.
  • It allows Arduino users, engineers, hobbyist and students easily develop LoRaWAN™ devices and can expand capabilities by using other Arduino compatible shields and open source libraries.
  • It allows users to have full visibility and control of all the connected applications.
  • It enables rapid development, management, and scaling of IoT projects for its customers, and system integrator partners.


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