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With Packetworx, you will be fully equipped with all the IoT tools and applications to improve your services. Easily acquire real-time data to guide you in making more calculated decisions for your company and gain a competitive advantage in the industry.


Lower Total Cost of Ownership with IoT

Lower Cost Devices

The components inside sensors that transmit and/or receive radio signals in LPWAN modules generally cost less. The low power requirements of an LPWAN sensor also control costs associated with smaller batteries and longer replacement cycles.

Lower Connectivity Costs

In contrast to cellular towers, LPWAN gateways are stateless. This allows the network to push complex operations to the cloud. As a result, the gateways cost less to deploy in a network. The point to multipoint signaling protocols used by LPWANs can be received by several gateways simultaneously.

Low Power

LPWAN sensors are designed to use very little power to gather and transmit data. A dense network of LPWAN gateways reduces the distance from a sensor to a gateway and further reduces the energy requirements for the sensors.

Low Maintenance Costs

Lower power budgets mean that LPWAN sensor batteries can last 10 years or more, depending on the application. This also reduces the maintenance budget associated with replacing batteries and end devices.


Smart Industry Solutions


Transform your company’s manufacturing system and expand your value chain with our IoT Manufacturing Solutions.

  • Ensures supply chain operational efficiency and productivity.
  • Reduce downtime and maintenance costs.
  • Streamline asset maintenance.
  • Quickly adapt manufacturing process to meet changing customer needs.

With the differentiated customer needs and behavior, real-time data and analytics of your customers are very important. Packetworx’s IoT Retail Solutions enable you to deliver seamless and improved customer experience.

  • Optimize your operations with our device sensors, machine learning, inventory optimization and tracking, and advanced analytics to understand and better serve your customers.
  • Engage your customers effectively through automated feedback and relevant and personal product offers and services.
  • Transform your business and create new revenue streams through our platform which provides you with massive data to create relevant insights and guide you to make better decision-making.

Logistics and Distribution
Packetworx’s IoT solutions for logistics and distribution allow increase of flow of goods more efficiently, reduce truck downtimes and prevent traffic congestion.

  • Seamless and faster flow of goods with intelligent infrastructures.
  • Real-time access and analysis of supply chain data.
  • Tracking and monitoring of delivery vehicles to improve distribution planning and execution.
  • Synchronization of logistics processes and systems.

Packetworx’s IoT Mining Solutions ensures optimal efficiency of your mining operations and safety of your workers’ environment.

  • Real-time asset monitoring to reduce downtime and operation risks.
  • Monitor air quality and temperature to ensure workers’ safety.

Reduce waste and enhance productivity with Packetworx’s IoT Agriculture Solutions.

  • Optimize variable rate irrigation to maximize profitability through soil moisture probes, monitoring soil variability.
  • Real-time crop health assessment, irrigation, and plant yield and production.
  • Easily track and monitor livestock location, health and well-being.


Smart City Solutions

Packetworx shares your passion to deliver faster services and ensure safety of your community. Our solutions will equip your city with IoT tools, sensors and connectivity to enable you to deliver the best service for your constituents.

  • Smart Parking
  • Real-time monitoring of structural health
  • Smart City management and control
  • Efficient traffic management and planning
  • Weather alerts, landslides and flood monitoring
  • Intelligent and weather adaptive lighting in street lights
  • Intelligent highways with warning messages and diversions according to climate conditions and unexpected events like accidents or traffic jams


Smart Building Solutions

Create a safe, secure and efficient environment with Packetworx’s Smart Building Solutions.

  • Smart meter and energy consumption monitoring to optimize energy usage
  • Air quality monitoring inside and outside your building
  • Monitor and control heating, lighting, life safety and security systems offsite


Flexible Services

Packetworx, together with our partners, provides endless solutions to your company’s needs. Talk to us!