Building an IoT-Powered Future Philippines

Here at Packetworx, we put the people at the core of our business. We strive to help communities by providing our fellow Filipinos opportunities with IoT. Beyond profitability, Packetworx’s initiatives aim to drive our country to be globally competitive by educating and equipping Filipinos to become creators and innovators.


Expanding the IoT Network

Join the network! Encourage tech-based learning and hands-on experiences for young and curious minds. Help the country transition towards an Internet-powered future. Together, we will drive the use of IoT to increase the Philippines’ competitiveness by strengthening industries, and in doing so, improving the overall quality of life in our country.


Partner with us!


  • Packetworx provides partner Local Government Units with 30 devices for free
  • Local Government Units will have the ability to monitor air quality and disaster preparedness
  • Areas will be easier to oversee and more secure for everyone
  • Local Government Units can make use of more smart solutions to manage operations


  • Packetworx provides schools with 10 devices for free
  • Students will be given Developers kits to help them become successful IoT product developers
  • With Packetworx’s initiative, schools will be given an IoT curriculum using LoRa Academy to further educate students on advanced technology
  • Students will be having free online classes and hackathons for them to improve their abilities
  • Packetworx will guide schools in transitioning towards a more effective and advanced education with IoT


  • Packetworx provides a complete set of free devices and gateways to equip eager Filipinos to create different innovations that can support our country
  • Interested sponsors and partners will be contributing to the education of others and will be raising young Filipino creators
  • With your help, we can provide endless experiences for Filipinos in IoT


Support Young Innovators

Interested in equipping the next set of innovators and creators? Join the network and kickstart IoT dreams today!


Mobilizing the Philippine Education

Help provide students the opportunity to reach next-level education through the first LoRaWAN™ academy in the Philippines. With your help, we will be giving these students the complete set of LoRaWAN™ tools and IoT curriculum free of charge. Allow them to improve their knowledge about IoT as well as hone their skills to become the creators of tomorrow.

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Tech-Tile learning

With Packetworx’s IoT Technology Hub, an avenue to explore and create different IoT products is made more accessible. Young minds are welcome to tinker with the tools and make their own projects for free. This hands-on experience with state-of-the-art IoT tools aid creators to make their wildest imaginations turn into reality.

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