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The key to a stable, data-driven economy? Smart Cities and Buildings developed with LoRaWAN-enabled solutions.

Oct 15 2019

These solutions are possible because of LoRaWAN combined with iPV6 and 5G technology. They will contribute to building the structure that will establish Smart Cities.

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Packetworx collabs with PAGASA to facilitate weather tech for agriculture

Aug 16 2019

A common problem in high altitude farming locations is the frost build-up that damages crops. Packetworx is now working with PAGASA to address this issue. The two organizations explore IoT applications for the country’s agriculture sector.

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Packetworx concludes its first ever Internship Program

Jun 26 2019

The PiP includes lectures and hands-on training on developing IoT applications and solutions. They learned to do this using the LoRaWAN technology. During the immersion, the teams handled real-world applications and projects from our PIP hosts.

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