Ease of Use and Highly Scalable Platform

Packetworx’s platform provides an easy adoption of IoT applications and solutions. We utilize the most advanced LoRaWanTM technologies and solutions which provide long range sensors and control capability devices. Our end-to-end solution provides IoT deployments a very low maintenance and total cost of ownership.

Our Devices


PacketONE is the smallest LoRaWANTM IoT device in the Philippines. It provides ultra-long-range capability (up to 15km) and requires power, making it ideal for IoT end nodes. It has high immunity signal interference. With the packetONE development kit, application developers and system integrators can easily develop solutions. They can easily expand the features and range of their applications and solutions. PacketONE has a temperature sensor on-board.


PacketSENSE is a multi-sensor board designed to help IoT solution developers explore applications of LoRaWANTM and accelerate the design phase. PacketSENSE has accelerometer, magnetometer, pressure, altitude, temperature, humidity and ambient light sensors.


PacketDOCK DUINO extends the capability of packetONE to evolve as a LoRaWANTM-enabled Arduino development. It is compatible to the Arduino Uno and can be programmed using the Arduino IDE software. It allows Arduino users, engineers, hobbyist and students easily develop LoRaWANTM devices and expands capabilities by using Arduino compatible shields and opensource.

packetDOCK IO

PacketDOCK IO is a specialized breakout IO board designed to maximized the use of packetONE. It accelerates the LoRaWANTM device development based on packetONE. It provides easier integration during the development.


PacketDOCK SWITCH is a connected on/off management solution of packetworx. It allows users to remotely control street lights and lamps. It can also check if the lamps are busted. It has an ambient light sensor on board and a real time clock integrated. It consists of online dashboard software that allows users the full visibility and control of all connected applications.

Our Network


PacketNET is the core of the IoT network, enabling secure connectivity, data flow and management from sensor devices to cloud applications. As the first and the only LoRaTM Alliance member in the Philippines, customers can rely on packetworx's technology to fulfill their LoRaWANTM connectivity needs. 


With an optimized coverage of Metro Manila and a target of 90% nationwide coverage by 2018, customers can trust that packetNET will have the coverage for their LoRaWANTM connectivity needs.

Our Applications


The packetVIEW handles the ingestion and visualization of data. It enables rapid development, management and scaling of IoT projects and solutions for our customers and system integrator partners. It authorizes users to configure customizable IoT dashboards.


Key Features: 

  • Scalable 
  • Fault Tolerant 
  • Robust and Efficient 
  • Customizable