Universities and Organizations

A Generation of IoT-Adept Youth

Packetworx guides schools in transitioning to an advanced education with IoT. We aim to build up not just proficient technology learners but also eager innovators who can compete in the global scale.

Equipping Filipinos to Become Creators

We provide educational institutions with hardware developer kits for free to engage their students in exploratory product development. With Packetworx’s initiative, schools will be given an IoT curriculum with LoRa Academy to provide the foundational principles of advanced technology. Free online classes, thesis consultations, and hackathons help students improve their skills as well.

Packetworx's IoT Campus Tours

As part of our efforts to promote IoT adoption in schools, we visit universities across the country to inspire our future innovators. Watch the video below!

Collaborate With Us

We are a social enterprise that gives back. Start your IoT journey with Packetworx today and share in our passion for accessible and innovative device solutions.