Carrier-grade, scalable, long-range connectivity platform to manage and build your IoT solutions

packetNET enables secure connectivity, data flow, and management from sensor devices to cloud applications. As the first and only LoRa Alliance® Member member in the Philippines, you can depend on our technology to fulfill your LoRaWAN® standard connectivity needs.

Currently with adjusted coverage of Metro Manila and key regional cities to ensure all IoT applications have reliable packetNET coverage using LoRaWAN® standard connectivity.

Highly Secure

Fully compliant with the latest LoRaWAN® security standards. It utilizes two layers of security: one for the network and one for the application. The application session key is used for encryption and decryption of the payload. The payload is fully encrypted between the Node and the Handler component of packetNET. The two session keys (NwkSKey and AppSKey) are unique per device, per session. packetNET does Over the Air Activation (OTAA), which means unique keys are assigned, for each activation.

Seamless Integration and Updates

packetNET enables easy data transmission from packetNet server to third party applications using trusted enterprise grade cloud-based services including Amazon Web Service, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, MQTT, HTTPS. Over the Air configuration enables end-user to configure and update devices remotely.

Supports Global Peering

packetNET’s advanced gateway management supports LoRa Alliance® LoRaWAN® standard versions 1.0, 1.0.2 and 1.1, enabling easy peering/roaming connectivity to other LoRaWAN-enabled devices and networks worldwide.