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LoRaWAN device designed to accelerate the development of LoRaWAN application via a simple USB connection

Has a LoRaWAN chip based on S76S and USB to UART chip from FTDI. S76S IO pins (Analog and digital, I2C, UART and STM32’s SWD) are exposed to users via header for experimentation during development


Arduino LoRaWANTM IOT device

Long-range – 15km to 30km

Uses atmega32u4 microcontroller, the bootloader can either be Arduino Leonardo(5v) or adafruit feather 32u4(3.3v) in a standard Arduino form factor

With built in DS18B20 Temperature Probe Input, Current Probe Input and Ultrasonic Proximity Input

Can be battery powered using Lithium ION/Polymer and can be charged via USB or DC input