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Packetworx is enabling its partners to leverage the power of IoT. We remove the complexity of delivering the data to your platforms and solutions by providing you with wireless, easy-to-install, and low-power devices and connectivity.

Who we are

Packetworx is the first and only public LoRaWAN® connectivity provider for the Internet of Things in the Philippines.
We design and develop low-cost, wireless, easy-to-install, and low-power devices. Our connectivity and devices enable
system integrators, solution providers, and businesses to easily launch IoT solutions and applications.

Connect with the most cost-efficient, interoperable, and long-range connectivity standard or protocol, LoRaWAN®.
Gather the data you need in real time with wireless, easy-to-install, long-range, and long-battery life with the packetSERIES.

Be part of the largest community of developers, businesses, schools, and government units with
The Things Network.

Join our growing Packetworx IoT community of developers, enthusiasts, students, enterprises, schools, and innovators.


Whether you need to improve your operations, save on energy costs, ensure safety, and improve the productivity of your employees, or provide the best customer experience, Packetworx has the right solution for you. As your IoT technology partner, Packetworx provides organizations with scalable and easy-to-deploy soltuions that last more than 10 years with almost no maintenance and for a low total cost of ownership.


Nation Building

We strive to help communities by providing fellow Filipinos opportunities with IoT. Beyond profitability, Packetworx’s initiatives aim to drive our country to be globally competitive by educating and equipping Filipinos to become creators and innovators of tommorrow.

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