We CONNECT Things. Our mission is to accelerate the adoption of Internet of Things in the Philippines. We do this by providing network connectivity for the Internet of Things.

We are a network provider. We use LoRaWAN™ gateways to connect devices/sensors to the internet.

We are a social enterprise. To accelerate the adoption of the Internet of Things, we will educate and support inventors, innovators, enthusiasts, students and developers to create their own IoT applications and devices for free.


Packetworx has three (3) initiatives in building a CONNECTED PH:

  1. Free devices and network connectivity to an initial 60 LGUs for disaster preparedness and community health safety (flood sensors, air quality sensors)
  2. Free hardware kits and IoT curriculum to an initial 100 schools for students to be encouraged to create IoT devices and applications.
  3. Free access to the first hub dedicated to Internet of Things. Anyone can create their own device or applications in the IoT Technology Hub. It makes available equipment for IoT device creation and IoT application development – computers, pick and place, reflow oven among others.