IoT Technology Hub


IoT Technology Hub

Created by Packetworx to equip and produce the next IoT innovators in the country.

About the IoT Technology Hub

The IoT Technology Hub is the very first free access co-working space and learning facility in the Philippines dedicated to Internet of Things (IoT). IoT enthusiasts are provided with all the tools necessary for them to experiment and create their own products. Other than the many devices and networks, this facility provides the first publicly accessible pick and place machine, soldering tools, CNC equipment, 3D printer and reflow oven for the creators who wish to make their projects come into fruition. Everything is completely free and accessible to everyone.

Through the IoT Technology Hub, Packetworx aims to foster creativity and confidence in young innovators to develop their own IoT solutions for the benefit of others.


Develop IoT Products

  • Tinker around and make your own IoT products! You may also check out some of the works of your fellow creators. Know how these projects were created and make your own versions of them.

Create Endless IoT Solutions

  • Take steps towards smarter solutions for your company! Consult with our knowledgeable IoT Solutions Architects to find the best IoT solutions for you. Join the network now to provide top-notch services for your customers!

Learn More About IoT  

  • Expand your knowledge on IoT! Visit the IoT Technology Hub to listen to talks, attend seminars and expos, and participate in the hackathons. All of these will feature top IoT products, devices, and experts that will aid you in your IoT journey!

An Avenue for Exploration

Learn more about the basics of IoT and develop your own products.

In Packetworx’s IoT Technology Hub, fellow enthusiasts may tinker and play around with the tools provided to create their very own projects. Complete with the set of networks and devices, this facility is designed to stimulate curious minds and create new possibilities.

Know Where to Find Us

The IoT Technology Hub is open and welcome to everyone! Meet fellow creators, share ideas, and collaborate to make your own IoT products.

We’re located at Packetworx IoT Technology Hub, G/F iSquare Building, 15 Meralco Avenue, Ortigas Centre, Pasig City, MM