Packetworx One of International Tech Innovation Conference Grand Finalists

Packetworx recently advances as one of the grand finalists in Ignite Cyber 2020’s Wildfire Pitch Competition. The social enterprise is one of the innovative startups who will join other qualifiers in the October 2020 Grand Finals.

The challenge: improving existing solutions
Last August 27, Road to Ignite launched the initial pitching competition that selected three startups per category. With over a hundred applications, Packetworx ranked among the three best proposals in its category. Packetworx competed under the Workplace Tech and Other Industries.
The main challenge with the traditional Internet is it is designed to connect people and not things or devices. Because of this, there is no easy way to connect devices and collect data from the edge to the cloud. Currently, data is gathered from physical sources rather than digital sources. Lastly, the solutions available are powered with short battery life, complicated to install, and oftentimes expensive.

In their proposal, Packetworx presented a solution to this problem.

The solution: Internet of Things powered by LoRaWAN®
To address one of the main issues, Packetworx presented two solutions – (1) innovative IoT devices and (2) LoRaWAN® connectivity. Through LoRaWAN®, the team offers low cost and long-range IoT devices. These devices can offer a whole range of solutions that address industry-specific gaps.

By offering solutions that reduce costs and increase productivity, the proposal is a promising sight of a revolution in the current Philippine business operations.

The difference that Packetworx makes
As the first and only LPWAN connectivity provider in the Philippines, Packetworx is in a good position to cascade LoRa technologies that will benefit Filipino customers. The startup also used this to their advantage during their pitch for technologies that can transform the workplace.

‘We put the customer at the center of everything that we do. We identify what are their pain points; what sort of technologies can easy their daily experiences inside the workplace. And with this in mind, we are able to design solutions that focus on using real-time data and analytics to their advantage,’ said Packetworx CEO and Founder Arnold Bagabaldo.

According to Bagabaldo, their Wildfire Pitch focused on the same intention. This is to optimize workplace operations with their device sensors, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and other solutions related to advanced analytics. By using these, Packetworx is able to understand and better serve its customers.

Ignite Cyber 2020
IGNITE is the Philippine’s biggest premier international conference by Techshake, Dentsu X, and Brainsparks. For the past 3 years, Ignite has gathered the largest audiences from the startup ecosystem, all under one roof. For its 2020 run, Ignite will be held online.

IGNITE partners JETRO, Glico, and Rotho Pharmaceutical, and special participation of Mynavi, startups from HealthTech, EduTech, and Fintech will pitch their fundraise and get a chance to win $5,000 equity-free cash, connect to over 100+ investors, and present to over 1000+ audience this October 2020.

The Pitch Competition
An event hosted by Ignite 2020, the Wildfire Pitch Competition invites startups to pitch to multiple organizations, judges, and prizes all on one stage. The competition gathers startups from Manila, Batangas, Laguna, Iloilo, Cebu, Davao, and different provinces in the country.

The grand finalists, Packetworx included, have a chance to win $5,000 equity-free cash, connect to over 100+ investors, and present to over 1000+ audience this October 2020.