Packetworx Maximizes Digital Channels for Knowledge Sharing

Packetworx continues to operate normally amid the COVID-19 pandemic. To continuously serve its stakeholders, the country’s leading Internet of Things (IoT) social enterprise established its Online Tech Learning initiative. Online Tech Leaning utilizes available digital channels to educate the general public.

Packetworx’s Online Tech Learning offers free webinars that cover various IoT and tech-related topics, most of which are essential in coping with the new normal.Interest in IoT increases during the quarantineNationwide quarantine measures led businesses in the Philippines to explore digital channels for their continued services.

Because of this, interest in IoT grew in the past couple of months. Meanwhile, Packetworx’s online learning sessions give stakeholders essential information about various IoT topics that can help them adapt with the new normal

The role of Packetworx in business

‘Since the quarantine started last March, Packetworx has focused on getting its devices to the market. These devices help enterprises cope better with the quarantine by enabling them to remotely monitor facilities. With record implementation timeline, we were able to deploy technologies that aid businesses in a highly cost-effective manner,’ said Arnold Bagabaldo, the social enterprise’s Founder and CEO.

He added that Packetworx is also increasing its efforts to educate people on the uses of IoT. ‘Together with community stakeholders, we are aiming to lessen the impact of the new norm to their daily lives and beyond that, lower cost, increase productivity, and allow enterprises to offer new products and services,’ Bagabaldo added.

Webinars as a learning tool

One of these efforts include gathering experts in subject areas that prove to be useful in the new normal. Through webinars, Packetworx wants to connect to stakeholders. It provides knowledge that is essential to continued learning despite the pandemic. According to their CEO, Packetworx is capitalizing digital channels that are easily-accessible and familiar to their stakeholders.

These webinars cover topics such as Data Visualization and IoT Platforms (Episode 1), LoRaWAN® and IoT Use Cases for the New Normal (Episode 2), and Smart Cities’ solutions to adapt to the new world (Episode 3). Each episode’s guest speakers are think tanks from Packetworx’s tech partners such as ThingsPHSemtech Corporation, and Magnifi Machines.

Aside from its webinar series, Packetworx implements programs that assists the social enterprise’s beneficiary communities. It provide service and accessibility to communities who need it the most. This is why the group provides free LoRaWAN® services and connectivity to communities for non-commercial IoT applications. These include farming technologies, humidity and temperature monitoring tools for at-risk communities. They also help academic institutions who receive free thesis consultations and capacity building activities.To date, Packetworx has conducted three webinar episodes. These are all available in one of its digital channels: Facebook Watch out for upcoming webinar episodes that cover different IoT solutions.